Local Outreach: Vancouver

Real Life Foursquare looks for opportunities to come alongside our downtown neighborhoods to support and care for them. We do this through community events as well as partnering with Hough Elementary School.
Serving our neighbors through...
  • Food for Hough Elementary events
  • Serving coffee and snacks monthly for Hough Staff
  • One Life Food Pantry
  • Hough neighborhood events
  • Christmas presents for Hough students

Global Outreach: Alaska

In years past, the church stole the Alaskan Native Tribe's culture in an attempt to convert them to Christianity. This has resulted in generations of hurt started at the hands of the church. We partner alongside North of Hope to rebuild what was taken while sharing who Christ really is.
Serving Alaskan Native Villages through...
  • Construction projects in Kassan, Hydaburg and Klawock that have resulted in new carving sheds, canoe pavillion, bell tower and totem parks.
  • A 7 year committment resulting in the Naa Iwaans Long House
  • Partnering alongside the tribes to ensure their needs are met wholistically with the goal that one day our role will diminish as they become stronger

Global Outreach: Indonesia

In Indonesia, girls are being trafficked and lost among the 6,000 islands that make up this country. We partner with Compassion First to provide after care for the girls who are rescued so they can find hope, healing and learn  life skills to live a productive life.
Serving girls through...
  • Personalized, trauma-informed care through education, medical, counseling and life skills
  • Legal advocacy for the girls' safety in the court environment
  • Strategic collaboration with law enforcement by providing funding for case management
  • Prevention through community development

Join the mission

The mission begins where you are.

You don't have to go around the world to make a difference. It starts at home. It starts with your neighbor. It starts with your co-worker or where you go to school. Provide a meal, lend a helping hand or start by saying hello. The mission: be Jesus to one another.